Processing Community Day

October 21, 2017
MIT Media Lab
Cambridge, MA
group of people eating lunch in the sun
woman drawing art on the wall with man controlling projection with keyboard
two people talking about teaching in front of crowd
two women gathered around a computer
group of people eating lunch at tables with signs that read show and tell and focus groups
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luisa pereira showing hand-made tutorial video to audience
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people eating lunch in focus group
people gathered around an art performance
people talking at lunch
casey reas presenting key principles behind processing on screen in front of audience
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Imagine a fun block party and an exciting tech conference. Imagine a day when the best two worlds take place at once. That day will be the Processing Community Day. You will meet like minded people who are passionate about programming and community.

Processing Community Day will be really fun! Don't miss the chance to be part of the very first convening for the Processing Community. If you'd like to read more about the curation and planning process, check out this post by the organizer, Taeyoon Choi.

This event is open to people of all ages and familiarity with Processing. We are especially supportive of people with disabilities, deaf and hard of hearing, and disability communities. If you have specific needs, such as sign language interpretation, do not hesitate to contact us at

Please help us spread the word and we hope you can participate. We are planning to organize Processing Community Day annually, in different cities.

This event will not be live streamed, but photos and video of select talks and workshops will be available on the Processing Foundation website after the event.


Processing Foundation Board Members
Ben Fry

Ben Fry is principal of Fathom, a design and software consultancy located in Boston. He received his doctoral degree from the Aesthetics + Computation Group at the MIT Media Laboratory, where his research focused on combining fields such as computer science, statistics, graphic design, and data visualization as a means for understanding information. After completing his thesis, he spent time developing tools for visualization of genetic data as a postdoc with Eric Lander at the Eli and Edythe L. Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard. During the 2006–2007 school year, Ben was the Nierenberg Chair of Design for the Carnegie Mellon School of Design. In 2011, he won the National Design Award for Interaction Design from the Cooper-Hewitt. With Casey Reas, Fry initiated Processing in 2001.

Casey Reas

Casey Reas is an artist and educator based in Los Angeles. He has exhibited, screened, and performed his work in galleries and museums around the world. Reas is a professor at the University of California, Los Angeles. He holds a master’s degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Media Arts and Sciences as well as a bachelor’s degree from the School of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning at the University of Cincinnati. With Ben Fry, Reas initiated Processing in 2001.

Lauren McCarthy

Lauren McCarthy (p5.js lead) is an artist based in Los Angeles whose work explores current social and technological systems and structures for being a person and interacting with other people. Lauren has exhibited at Ars Electronica, SIGGRAPH, LACMA, and the Japan Media Arts Festival, and worked on installations for the London Eye, US Holocaust Memorial Museum, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. She holds an MFA from UCLA and a BS Computer Science and BS Art and Design from MIT. She is an Assistant Professor at UCLA Design Media Arts. Lauren joined the Processing Foundation’s Board of Directors in 2015.

Daniel Shiffman

Daniel Shiffman works as an Associate Arts Professor at the Interactive Telecommunications Program at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. Originally from Baltimore, Daniel received a BA in Mathematics and Philosophy from Yale University and a Master’s Degree from the ITP. He is a director of The Processing Foundation and develops tutorials, examples, and libraries for Processing and p5.js. He is the author of Learning Processing: A Beginner’s Guide to Programming Images, Animation, and Interaction and The Nature of Code (self-published via Kickstarter), an open source book about simulating natural phenomenon in Processing. He can be found talking incessantly on the YouTube about programming.

Workshops, Talks & Organizers
Taeyoon Choi

Taeyoon Choi (Processing Community Day Organizer) is an artist, educator, and activist based in New York and Seoul. His art practice involves performance, electronics, drawings, and installations that form the basis for storytelling in public spaces. He co-founded the School for Poetic Computation where he continues to organize sessions and teach classes. He's currently a fellow at Data and Society Research Institute.

Johanna Hedva

Johanna Hedva is a writer, performer, and witch from Los Angeles. Her writing has appeared in Black Warrior ReviewMask Magazine3:AM, and others. Her novel, On Hell, will be published by Sator Press in 2018. Her project on the politics of disability, This Earth, Our Hospital, includes the essays “Sick Woman Theory” and “In Defense of De-Persons.” She lives in Berlin, where she’s the frontperson of the noise-punk band Important Part. Since 2014, she has worked as the Director of Advocacy for the Processing Foundation.

Sydette Harry

Sydette Harry is technologist, pondérer and writer raised on Far Rockaway train rides by Guyanese warrishness. Her work has appeared in Salon, Bitch, World Policy Journal, The Establishment, make/shift and more. She wonders about how things work aloud. She is currently Editor at Mozilla, Editor at Large with the Coral Project.

Eva Díaz

Eva Díaz is Associate Professor of History of Art and Design at the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn. Her book, The Experimenters: Chance and Design at Black Mountain College, was released in 2015 by the University of Chicago Press. She was recently awarded a grant from the Graham Foundation to work on her new book After Spaceship Earth, analyzing the influence of R. Buckminster Fuller in contemporary art. Her writing appears in magazines and journals such as The Art BulletinArtforumArt JournalArt in AmericaCabinetThe ExhibitionistFriezeGrey RoomHarvard Design Magazine, and October.

Mark Schifferli

Mark Schifferli is a developer at Fathom Information Design. Prior to programming, Mark contributed to various ensembles in San Francisco’s experimental music scene as a guitarist and recording engineer. Mark graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Indiana University, Bloomington, with a BA in philosophy and minors in math and French.

Olivia Glennon

Olivia Glennon is a developer and designer at Fathom Information Design. She started programming at the age of ten in attempt to beautify her Neopets page. She earned a B.F.A from the Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art in New York City.

More information on the Processing Fellow, Community Lightning Talks, and Lunch session speakers can be found here.


10:00 AM
Opening Remarks
Taeyoon Choi
10:30 AM
Board Member Presentations
Ben Fry, Casey Reas, Lauren McCarthy, Daniel Shiffman, Johanna Hedva
11:00 AM
Processing Fellow Presentations
Cassie Tarakajian, Gottfried Haider, Jakub Valtar, Andrés Colubri, Sharon De La Cruz, Aarón Montoya-Moraga and Guillermo Montecinos, Claire Kearney-Volpe and Mathura M Govindarajan
12:00 PM
12:20 PM
Lunch Focus Groups
Chris Coleman, Golan Levin, Tega Brain, Jose Luis Garcia del Castillo
1:00 PM
Workshops & Talks
Main Room
Talk: Black Mountain College in relation to open source community
Eva Díaz will talk about her book The Experimenters: Chance and Design at Black Mountain College in relation to open source community.
Room 633
Workshop: Online communities + Inclusive open creation
Sydette Harry + Johanna Hedva will lead a workshop on possibilities for inclusive open creation in online communities.
2:20 PM
Workshops & Talks
Main Room
Talk: Coding Train, Live on Stage! Dan Shiffman
Dan Shiffman will talk about his popular Youtube channel for learning code with Processing.
Room 633
Workshop: Information Design
Olivia Glennon + Mark Schifferli from Fathom Information Design will share their work and lead a workshop on information design.
3:40 PM
Community Lightning Talks
Chris Coleman, Rosa Weinberg, Maxime Damecour, Brad Tober, Alex Norton, Jose Luis Garcia del Castillo, Ari Melenciano, Luisa Pereira, R. Luke DuBois , Jonathan Feinberg, Cristobal Valenzuela
4:50 PM
Closing Remarks
5:00 PM
6:00 PM
After Party
At The Meadhall (2nd floor)


Tickets are available here

We need your help

Processing Community Day will be a new way for us work on our goals, and we need your help to make it happen. If you would like to donate or become a Processing Foundation member, please do so here.

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