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Processing Community Day

Accessibility, Disability, and Care

The Accessibility, Disability and Care track investigates accessibility of software development and creative expression. How can we build software for implicit, nuanced and intricate form of care between people and within oneself? Accessibility is not only about explicit technical solutions. True accessibility begins by building on the understanding of normalcy, impairment, mental and physical health. In this track, we will criticize the mainstream narrative of technological solutions for accessibility, and propose an alternate method that begins with disability and community as the starting point for technology. We will investigate the latest initiatives for making Processing and other software more accessible for people who are Deaf, blind, disabled or impaired. We will discuss meaningful collaboration with various communities of social minorities and disabilities. We will imagine ways of making software accessible to those excluded in consumerist technology’s concept of personhood - those who can’t afford, those who aren’t visible and those who aren’t normatively abled. The track will be an open collaboration with the local community organizations and the disability community.

Track Coordinator: Taeyoon Choi
Organizer: Johanna Hedva

Radical Pedagogy

How might transparent teaching, modeling vulnerability, and positioning teachers as human beings create spaces for radical openness and productive dialogues? As teachers and students, what are some ways to model radical kindness within an institutional setting? How might integrating elements of uncertainty and unknown into the lesson plan open up possibilities for collective learning? How do we support each other to resist fear, injustice, and inflammatory rhetorics, on and off-campus?

The Radical Pedagogy track welcomes proposals that considers compassion, critical thought, and nuance as a core experience in teaching and learning. We are interested in applications that put an emphasis on:

  • Marginalized history and storytelling
  • Inclusive pedagogy and curriculum building
  • Building bridges between institutional, non-profit, DIY, and grassroot communities
  • Experimental teaching tools and materials

Track Coordinator: A.M. Darke
Organizer: Dorothy R. Santos

Under the Silicon, the Beach!

How can creative practice undermine the present and produce an imagination for alternative futures?

As software becomes increasingly central to all aspects of human life, artists and designers working with code play an important role for imagining the world outside of the status quo. How do practices that use software and design for esoteric, discursive, political and aesthetic ends, help us break free from predominant narratives? We are looking to showcase the work of a diverse group of artists, designers and thinkers who use code to:

  • Investigate opaque systems
  • Explore new aesthetics
  • Engage in algorithmic disobedience
  • Imagine alternate futures that subvert surveillance capitalism
  • Generate new world-making possibilities

Track Coordinators: Tega Brain and Sam Lavigne

Epic Play!

Play is not work; let’s start there. Play is also ubiquitous, a relationship, a stance, that someone can take up at any time or place. Like humor, play helps us cope with the world; and like humor, play can be critical and transformative. What does play look like when it isn’t connected to a game or a sport? What is it that makes play, play? Are there constituent elements required for play to begin? What makes a thing into a toy? Can “serious” play be fun?

The Epic Play! track will work to develop ideas, strategies, toys, and games that critique, dissolve, and reconfigure politics, social relationships, solitude and everyday life. We are looking for applications from children and adults using the concept of play to:

  • Heal fractured or stressed relationships
  • Flatten or invert hierarchies
  • Create solidarity in or against competition
  • Resist work
  • Escape

Track Coordinator: Chandler McWilliams