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Participate in Processing Community Day in one of our node cities

Processing Community Day @ Worldwide currently have 100+ registered node cities around the world. Please look for your nearest city on the map and contact your local organizer directly about attending.

Information for PCD Organizers


Pick a date and time between January 15 and February 15, 2019 to host a Processing Community Day.

The duration can be as short as a two-hour programming tutorial, or as long as an all day event that includes workshops, discussions on network culture, or a show & tell on software art.


This is an open question depending on your local culture and what you have access to, but generally we recommend collaborating with public facilities such as libraries, schools, or community-driven spaces with good, stable Wi-Fi such as community centers, art / culture venues, hackerspaces, cafes, tea houses, or bars.


We are unable to provide financial assistance for the node events, however we will be able to provide an Organizer’s Kit, which includes a step-by-step organizing guide, promotion and tutorial packages. We will also support your event through our social media, and provide a platform for you to exchange experience and knowledge with communities around the world. Please use the hashtag #PCD2019 when posting on social media so that we can help promote your event.


We do not manage or distribute tickets on behalf of our node events. As an organizer, you will determine whether ticketing is a preferable option for your event. We encourage all organizers who are planning to charge a fee for the event to provide affordable options to promote accessibility and inclusivity.