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Organizing Team
Xin Xin's photo
Lead Organizer

Xin Xin is an interdisciplinary artist and educator working at the intersection of technology, labor, and identity. Xin co-founded voidLab, a LA-based intersectional feminist collective dedicated to women, trans, and queer folks. They initiated the School of Otherness which seeks to empower marginalized communities through storytelling, forums, and workshops that process experiences of the other. Their work has been exhibited at Ars Electronica, the Hammer Museum, Gene Siskel Film Center, Tiger Strikes Asteroid and Machine Project. Xin received their M.F.A from UCLA Design Media Arts and teaches at the University of Georgia as the Assistant Professor of Media Design and Women’s Studies.

Dorothy Santos' photo
Organizer for Radical Pedagogy

Dorothy R. Santos is a Filipina American writer, editor, and curator whose research interests include digital art, computational media, and biotechnology. Born and raised in San Francisco, California, she holds Bachelor’s degrees in Philosophy and Psychology from the University of San Francisco and received her Master’s degree in Visual and Critical Studies at the California College of the Arts. She is currently a Ph.D. student in Film and Digital Media at the University of California, Santa Cruz, as a Eugene V. Cota-Robles fellow. Her work appears in art21, Art Practical, Rhizome, Hyperallergic, Ars Technica, Vice Motherboard, and SF MOMA’s Open Space. Her essay “Materiality to Machines: Manufacturing the Organic and Hypotheses for Future Imaginings,” was published in The Routledge Companion to Biology in Art and Architecture. She serves as a co-curator for REFRESH and is the program manager for Processing Foundation.

Johanna Hedva's photo
Organizer for Accessibility, Disability, and Care

Johanna Hedva is the author of the novel On Hell (Sator Press, 2018). Their fiction, essays, and poems have appeared in Triple Canopy, Black Warrior Review, Entropy, Mask Magazine, 3:AM, The White Review, and elsewhere. Their work has been shown at Machine Project, Human Resources LA, the LA Architecture and Design Museum, and the Museum of Contemporary Art on the Moon. Their ongoing project on ableism, disability justice, and the politics of care, This Earth, Our Hospital, includes the essays "Sick Woman Theory" and "Letter to a Young Doctor."

Taeyoon Choi's photo
Track Coordinator for Accessibility, Disability, and Care

Taeyoon Choi is an artist, educator, and activist based in New York and Seoul. His art practice involves performance, electronics, drawings, and installations that form the basis for storytelling in public spaces. He co-founded the School for Poetic Computation where he continues to organize sessions and teach classes. He's currently a fellow at Data and Society Research Institute.

Aliah Darke's photo
Track Coordinator for Radical Pedagogy

A.M. Darke is a conceptual artist, game designer, and activist designing games for everyday impact. She created the award-winning card game Objectif, which uses play to create dialogue around the intersection of race, gender, and standards of beauty. In 2017, she turned her Snapchat into a pop-up gallery for ar+ show, an exhibition on femininity, filters, face-detection, and a self-reflexive female gaze. Darke holds a B.A. in Design and an M.F.A. in Media Arts, both from UCLA. Her work has been shown internationally and featured in a variety of publications, including Forbes, Kill Screen, and The Creator’s Project.

Tega Brain's photo
Track Coordinator for Under the Silicon, the Beach!

Tega Brain is an Australian born artist and engineer making eccentric engineering. She is an Assistant Professor of Integrated Digital Media, New York University. She has been a fellow at Data & Society and the Processing Foundation. She lives and works in New York.

Sam Lavigne's photo
Track Coordinator for Under the Silicon, the Beach!

Sam Lavigne is an artist and educator whose work deals with data, surveillance, cops, natural language processing, and automation. He is currently an Adjunct Professor at ITP/NYU and the School for Poetic Computation.

Chandler McWilliams' photo
Track Coordinator for Epic Play!

Chandler McWilliams is an artist, writer, and teacher living in Los Angeles. He has exhibited internationally in non-profit and commercial galleries and art institutions. McWilliams has a MA in Philosophy from The New School For Social Research in New York City and an MFA from the Program in Art at the California Institute of the Arts. He has published in academic journals and conferences and is the co-author of Form + Code in Design, Art, and Architecture (Princeton Architectural Press, 2010). He is currently the Director of the UCLA Arts Conditional Studio.

Yuehao Jiang's photo
Visual Artist

Yuehao Jiang is a heterosexual-Chinese-born-in-the-90s-female-interdisciplinary artist living and working in Los Angeles. She explores digital media in nontraditional gallery settings. Her work has been shown internationally at Ars Electronica, Hammer Museum, LUMEN Festival, Future of Storytelling, The Gallery Beijing, and Suzhou N9 Art Center. She holds an MFA from the University of California, Los Angeles and a BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Renée Reizman's photo

Renée Reizman is a research-based multidisciplinary artist at the crossroads of curation and social practice. She examines cultural aesthetics and their relationship between urbanization, law, and technology. Inspired by anthropological methods, Renée embeds herself in communities and searches for the object-oriented structures that shape culture and society. She has curated a number of exhibitions, performances, interactive installations, and workshops for Machine Project, The Women’s Center for Creative Work, 826LA, and the Room Gallery at the University of California, Irvine. She has exhibited work at the the Museum of Human Achievement, Art Slope Art Festival in New York, the UCLA Broad Arts Center and the Irvine Fine Arts Center. Her writing has appeared in New York Magazine, The Atlantic, The Outline, and Hyperallergic. In 2017, she was an artist in residence at Art Farm in Marquette, Nebraska. Renée is an MFA candidate in Critical & Curatorial Studies at the University of California, Irvine.

Peter Polack's photo

Peter Polack is an interface developer and game designer that uses artistic practices to develop critical theories of computation. His research concerns the ways that approaches to theorizing or representing algorithms inform our capacity to critique and organize around their consequences. Peter is a PhD student in the Information Studies program at UCLA, where he is also a member of README, a student group that organizes around digital rights issues.

Tristan Espinoza's photo
Tristan Espinoza

Tristan Espinoza is a Filipinx artist and activist based in Los Angeles. His work uses code, performance, and 3D graphics to negotiate the potential for interactive experiences to exist as a form of radical protest. This manifests as an interdisciplinary research and creative practice that foregrounds vulnerability, authenticity, and modes of trespassing through social landscapes, illegible infrastructures, constructed information. As a member of the Filipinx art and design collective Export Quality, he regularly collaborates with other Filipinx creatives to engage communities and create platforms for intersectional narratives within a Eurocentric art world.

Lilyan Kris' photo

Lilyan Kris is an art director, interactive designer, and technologist who uses software "incorrectly" to generate delight. Lilyan has exhibited work at The Hammer Museum, Indiecade Festival, and LA Weekly Artopia. They hold a B.A. in Design Media Arts from UCLA, and are currently working toward fulfilling their lifelong dream of designing a playground.

Tyler Yin' photo

Tyler Yin is a creative developer and media artist from San Francisco interested in configuring speculative experiences between people and emerging technologies. He likes to think about vision, memory, and programmed behaviors. He holds a BA in Design Media Arts from UCLA.

Hye Min Cho' photo

Hye Min Cho is a media artist who explores the space between real life events and objects and their digitized form. Her main choice of medium is custom drawing software. Hye Min holds a B.Sc in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from UC Berkeley.

Ahree Lee's photo

Ahree Lee is a multi-media artist working in video, photography, sound and interactive installations. Lee received her B.A. from Yale University and M.F.A. from Yale School of Art. Her commissions include the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco, the 01SJ Biennial, the Orange County Center for Contemporary Art, the 2006 International Short Film Festival in Leuven, Belgium, and the Sundance Channel. Her Webby-nominated video Me was shown by Steve Jobs as a demo for YouTube on Apple TV, and is in the permanent collection of the Museum of the Moving Image, New York. Lee's awards include an Artist Fellowship Grant from the state of Connecticut; an Audience Award for Experimental Short Film and honorable mention Jury Award for Experimental Short Film at Film Fest New Haven, Connecticut; and an artistic career development grant from Asian American Renaissance funded by the Jerome Foundation.

Kuan-Ju Wu's photo

Kuan-Ju Wu is engaged in creating delightful interactions between humans, machines, and environments. He builds kinetic sculptures that borrow facets from the shapes and movements of nature, from the stories about the future machines, and the perceptual memories from our early childhood, those intuitive, rich and satisfying experiences. He has shown work in such venues as Currents New Media Art Festival, Santa Fe; Assemble Gallery, Pittsburgh; and Granoff Gallery, Providence. Kuan-Ju Wu received his Master’s in Tangible Interaction Design from Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA and his Bachelor in Electronics Engineering from National Chiao Tung University in Taiwan.

Ariel Hahn's photo

Ariel Hahn is an artist, archivist, and librarian interested in questions of time, history, power, technology, and the natural world. She likes to think about analog media, radical queer futures, networks of plant decay, and the transformative possibilities of digital tools. She is a MLIS candidate in the Department of Information Studies at UCLA and organizer for README, a student group that advocates for digital rights within libraries, archives, and information work.

Christine Meinders' photo

Christine Meinders is a cultural AI design researcher who uses collaborative design approaches to create AI design tools and develop community-driven, social AI projects. She holds an MFA in Media Design Practices from ArtCenter College of Design and an MA in Clinical Psychology from Pepperdine University. She is founder of the community research and design group, Feminist.AI, which utilizes participatory approaches to co-create AI projects.

Stalgia Grigg's photo

Stalgia Grigg is an artist, educator, and activist based in LA. He makes systems, interactive and non, to try to understand how revolutionary impulses move through culture. He has shown work at venues including the Walt Disney Concert Hall, Hammer Museum, Coaxial Arts Foundation. Stalgia received a MFA at UCLA in Design Media Arts and a BSVA from Purchase College.

Stalgia Grigg's photo

Tuangkamol Thongborisute (Tuang) is an interactive artist and experiential designer, working with various digital technologies and customized physical objects. She has been classically trained and worked as a painter and an art educator in her early professional career. Tuang started as a self-taught programmer and maker. Her media artworks involve topics of human behaviors and emotions, everyday routines, social media, Internet cultures, games and social relationships. Her works always have a playful quality, which allow people to explore surrounding matters, their inner self, and their relationships with others at the intertwinement of digitality and physicality. She has won several awards and scholarships. Her works have been exhibited in various museums and galleries, such as Hammer Museum, MOCA (Bangkok,) Bangkok Art and Culture Centre, New Wrights Gallery, and Love Art Park (Pattaya.) She also loves to curate exhibitions and supports art communities. She has been involved in many creative events, such as Asiatopia, Devenus Performance Art Group, and Music Hackers. Tuang earned her BFA from Silpakorn University in 2013 with the first-class of honor (gold medal) and MFA from Design Media Arts, UCLA, in 2018.

Processing Foundation Board Members
Ben Fry's photo

Ben Fry is principal of Fathom, a design and software consultancy located in Boston. He received his doctoral degree from the Aesthetics + Computation Group at the MIT Media Laboratory, where his research focused on combining fields such as computer science, statistics, graphic design, and data visualization as a means for understanding information. After completing his thesis, he spent time developing tools for visualization of genetic data as a postdoc with Eric Lander at the Eli and Edythe L. Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard. During the 2006–2007 school year, Ben was the Nierenberg Chair of Design for the Carnegie Mellon School of Design. In 2011, he won the National Design Award for Interaction Design from the Cooper-Hewitt. With Casey Reas, Fry initiated Processing in 2001.

Casey Reas' photo

Casey Reas is an artist and educator based in Los Angeles. He has exhibited, screened, and performed his work in galleries and museums around the world. Reas is a professor at the University of California, Los Angeles. He holds a master’s degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Media Arts and Sciences as well as a bachelor’s degree from the School of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning at the University of Cincinnati. With Ben Fry, Reas initiated Processing in 2001.

Lauren McCarthy's photo

Lauren McCarthy (p5.js lead) is an artist based in Los Angeles whose work explores current social and technological systems and structures for being a person and interacting with other people. Lauren has exhibited at Ars Electronica, SIGGRAPH, LACMA, and the Japan Media Arts Festival, and worked on installations for the London Eye, US Holocaust Memorial Museum, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. She holds an MFA from UCLA and a BS Computer Science and BS Art and Design from MIT. She is an Assistant Professor at UCLA Design Media Arts. Lauren joined the Processing Foundation’s Board of Directors in 2015.

Dan Shiffman's photo

Daniel Shiffman works as an Associate Arts Professor at the Interactive Telecommunications Program at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. Originally from Baltimore, Daniel received a BA in Mathematics and Philosophy from Yale University and a Master’s Degree from the ITP. He is a director of The Processing Foundation and develops tutorials, examples, and libraries for Processing and p5.js. He is the author of Learning Processing: A Beginner’s Guide to Programming Images, Animation, and Interaction and The Nature of Code (self-published via Kickstarter), an open source book about simulating natural phenomenon in Processing. He can be found talking incessantly on the YouTube about programming.